Uttar Pradesh State Agricultural Produce Markets Board


State Agricultural Produce Markets Board was established at the state level in the year of 1973 to organize, control and guide various activities and Welfare Schemes of Mandi Samities. Mandi Parishad has played a very important role in implementing various acts in an impressive manner and to get fair behavior and appropriate support prices for their crops to the farmers. As a consequence, the Total Arrivals and income has been increasing with the time. In the Agricultural year of 1972-73, the Total Arrivals of the State were 37.90 Lakh M. Tons while this has been increased in the Agricultural year 2017-18 to 604.16 Lakh M. Tons. Likewise, the Total Income of all the Mandis in 1972-73 was Rs. 1.92 Crores and in 2017-18 it has increased to Rs. 1635.31 Crores.

Benefits to the Farmers

  • To reduce the multiple trade charges, levies and exactions charged at present from the producer-sellers.
  • To provide for the verification of accurate weights and scales and see that the producer-seller is not denied his legitimate due.
  • To establish market committees in which the agricultural producer will have his due representation.
  • To ensure that the agricultural producer has his say in the utilization of market funds for the improvements of the market as a whole.
  • To provide for fair settlement of disputes relating to the sale of agricultural produce.
  • To provide amenities to the producer-seller in the market.
  • To arrange for better storage facilities.
  • To stop inequitable & unauthorized charges & levies form the producer-seller.
  • To make adequate arrangements for markets intelligence with a view to posting the agricultural producer with the latest position in respect of the markets dealing with his produce.